Uzbekistan - Dicsovery in the heart of Central Asia!

Architecture - Touch the masterpieces of the world culture

Motives - Large number of opportunities for photos


We live in Samarkand and we are ready to help You to organize Your tour of Uzbekistan. Once You entered this page, You were interested to know about us and we are glad to communicate with You.  

"We" - it is a small team of people living and working in Uzbekistan. We are in the tourism for many years (some for 15 years, others for 10 or 5years). For many years we work as guides and sights men in different towns of Uzbekistan. In 2010 we formed a travel company “Orient Reisen Yassu” L.L.C. in order to serve our customers at higher level. Today we offer You individual, family and group tours all over Uzbekistan. Each our tour is the individual product with the best decisions for You.

Let’s make acquaintance!

Here you can see only some of us involved in our projects most time. We don’t have always time to sit in office. We are always on the move: we correspond with you on the run, tell the stories, look for the new itineraries, check the hotels and organize the individual tour for our next client.  We live in different towns of Uzbekistan and we are always in touch with each other and in contact with you.


Olga is your operator. She is an excellent organizer and coordinator of your trips. She takes upon herself all your problems, meetings and contacts during your trip. You can peacefully travel! English language.


Suzanna is the guide in Samarkand and suburb. She has a charm and fascination in combination with the professionalism and competence. English language. 


Mariam is the guide in Bukhara. She knows more stories than thousand-year Bukhara itself. All her stories are approved and recommended by the best experts of the world. Russian language.


Lautaru is the accompanying guide(). He makes your trip of our country unforgettable, amusing and interesting. He also finds plenty options and optimal solutions of your desires. English and Spanish languages. 


Timur is the universal guide. You will not be bored with him. He will tell you many interesting and new stories. He also knows the best places in our country. English, Spanish and Italian languages.


Lena is your operator. Being away from you, she will determine what you need for your trip over Uzbekistan. To guess, find the best solution and realize it in your tour program is her strong point. Russian and English languages. 

Please write  to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.If you want to order the tour, then please state in the application the following information:

How to contact You? Please state Your contact data: е-mail, phone number

Which tour have you selected?  Please inform which tour you have selected or which towns you prefer to visit and we’ll offer you the tour program

Please inform the dates of arrival and departure, if you already know when you are coming to Uzbekistan. If you don’t know yet the dates, then inform how many days you are planning to stay in Uzbekistan

Have you already purchased the airplane tickets (or train tickets) to Uzbekistan? If “Yes”, then inform the dates and send us the scanned tickets. If you have not yet bought the tickets, then inform us and we can advise you  where and how to buy tickets on beneficial terms for you.

How many people are coming? Please  inform the number of new comers. If there are children, then inform the number and age.

Inform in which hotels do you prefer to stay? In most our programs we offer the accommodation in small and rather inexpensive 3* hotels. But we have the contracts with the hotels of 4 and 5* classes.

Please inform the room accommodation? How many single, double or triple rooms? In case of a room for two, please state which room you need – with one big bed (double) or with two separate beds (twin)

This information will be enough for us to prepare the information for you about the tour and its cost.

Please keep in mind, that for some tours we give 3% discount on the site stated tour price in case of the advanced booking (order, correction and program confirmation, minimum 1 month 20% advance payment).  To learn more about this discount you can at the tour page.

Moreover, you our client recommend you to contact us, then you can expect additional 5% discount. Just inform us the name of our client, who advised you to contact us.

We wish you unforgettable trip to Uzbekistan!


Representative in the Ukraine

Nina Zakriyaeva Nina Zakriyaeva will be glad to answer your questions about travel organazing, hotel or guide booking in Uzbekistan.

Adress: Novodarnitskaja str, 27/118, Kiev-99

Tel: +380 68 7735141; +380 063 508 11 15
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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