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Any air flight is the stress which is aggravated with the long queuing during the customs control. In order not to waste your precious time for exhausting and unnecessary procedures, you can take advantage of CIP-hall at Tashkent airport.

CIP-hall is located in the right wing, on the first floor of Tashkent airport and has the separate entrance.

You’ll get the opportunity to spend your time before the boarding and after going down the ramp of aircraft with pleasure and comfort.

CIP-hall is the hall for officials, delegations and passengers who wish to book this service; it is the hall where there are all necessary services for faster passing of formalities during the departure or arrival.

CIP-hall – it is a superior room for reception/sendoff the passengers who utilize the service of all air-companies executing their flights to Tashkent airport. The modern and considered infrastructure oа CIP-hall in Tashkent airport includes everything required for the rest and work: passing passport, customs and immigration control out of turn; information about all departures and arrivals; personal escort; improved arrangements with cushioned furniture and TV-set.

In CIP-hall the passengers get the service including buffet, which is included in the price of CIP-service. Beverage foods which the passenger bought in the bar, are payable by the client personally, in soms. Besides that here there is constant delivery of latest newspapers and magazines in many languages. As appropriate the passengers can get the service of porters for carrying the hand luggage. In CIP-hall you can use WI-FI free of charge or watch the cable TV. Also the foreign citizens, who need the visa, can get the entry visa there.

Vip or Cip service in Tashkenti

Details of the departure via CIP-hall

  • The passenger booked this service has to come to the airport not later than 1 hour before the departure
  • On the client arrival to CIP-hall the official of the hall will take the luggage from the passenger
  • The passenger has to pass the check-in and passport control in CIP-hall personally
  • After passing all formalities the client is waiting for the boarding in the hall
  • The boarding will be announced 20 minutes before the takeoff in three languages – English, Russian and Uzbek
  • The controller of CIP-hall will see off the passengers by minibus to the ramp
  • The service price is US$ 160.00.

Transfer is included. If you book the CIP-hall service at Tashkent airport, we offer you the transfer hotel-airport

CIP at Tashkent airport CIP service at Tashkent airport


Details of arrival via CIP-hall

  • Reception at the ramp by the officer of CIP-hall with the plate where there are mentioned the names of new arrivals
  • The controller of the airport takes the baggage checks for baggage receipt
  • Then by separate bus the passengers go to CIP-hall
  • At the entrance to CIP-hall the passengers personally pass the passport control
  • Iа the client place the order in the bar of CIP-hall, then he has pay personally
  • Credit cards are not accepted for payment
  • The baggage is delivered to the passenger in the hall and handed over to the passenger personally
  • The delivery of the baggage to the car is included in the service price
  • The people who came to welcome are waiting for the passenger at the entrance to CIP-hall
  • The service price is US$ 160.00.

Transfer is included. If you book the CIP-hall service at Tashkent airport, we offer you the transfer airport - hotel.

For the passengers who bought the business-class tickets of air-company “O'zbek airlines” (“O'zbekiston Havo Yullari”) the reception/sendoff via CIP-hall is included in the ticket price


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