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Visa to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the most desirable countries in Central Asia, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Such cities as Bukhara and Samarkand are in the list of the first 100 cities, to where the people who have the wanderlust surely have to get at least once in their life. And even the fact that foreigners have to obtain the entry visa to Uzbekistan doesn’t alarm the experienced tourists. However, the citizens of not all countries must obtain an entry permit to Uzbekistan. In this article we predigest which countries require an entry visa to Uzbekistan, how to get it and how much it costs.

One of the services of the website is rendering the visa support. The cost of visa support on our website is not high, but so that we could deal with this issue, you must purchase a package of tourist services, which also includes: accommodation, city tours and transportation during your stay in Uzbekistan.

Visa support cost 

Visa support up to 15 days up to 30 days
For adult person 25 50
For child, under 12 years old 15 30
Invitation up to 15 days up to 30 days
For adult person 10 15
For child, under 12 years old 7 10
Visa obtainment in Tashkent airport up to 15 days up to 30 days
For adult person 25 50
For child, under 12 years old 10 30

* The price is in US$.
** The cost of visa support includes a duty (tax), transport services and courier services.

For whom it is necessary to issue visa support and visa to enter Uzbekistan?

Foreign citizens and stateless persons may enter Uzbekistan and/or go transit only if they have an entry visa. Depending on the purpose of the trip to Uzbekistan the entry visa can be a tourist visa, diplomatic visa, official visa, business visa, private or transit visa.

The visa to Uzbekistan is issued in diplomatic missions and consulates of Uzbekistan abroad. The ground for obtaining a visa is the visa support (confirmation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan). This visa support can be provided by private entities (invitation) or travel agencies.

What countries do not need a visa for Uzbekistan?

The citizens of the following countries do not need to have or obtain a visa for the travel to Uzbekistan:

  • Ukraine
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Moldova
  • Armenia
  • Belorussia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Russia

However, they require a valid international passport.

Children under 14 years of age must have their own passport or should be included (with pasted photo) in the passport of a parent.

Children older than 14 years of age must visit Uzbekistan with their own passport without fail.

If the child is traveling with one parent, it is desirable to have a notarized permission from the other parent for the visit abroad, in order to avoid misunderstanding at the airport at the moment of passing the border control.

What countries have simplified visa obtainment for Uzbekistan?

For some countries with which Uzbekistan has the government agreement, it is not required to obtain a visa support. For citizens of the following countries consular institutions grant (multiple) tourist visa up to 1 month, and to entrepreneurs, businessmen and representatives of business circles - up to 1 year (except Malaysia - up to 6 months).

Simplified visa to Uzbekistan provides for the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Great Britain
  • Japan
  • Austria
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Latvia
  • Malaysia

Visa to Uzbekistan for the citizens of these countries can be issued within two days.

For some countries there are special rules for obtaining a visa. So, for example, citizens of China and Hungary can obtain visa for up to 30 days. Citizens of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea can get for up to 60 days. For tourists from Brazil, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia and Turkey visa can be given for up to 90 days. Visa-free regime applies for holders of diplomatic passports. Citizens of these countries who have diplomatic passports and accredited as members of diplomatic missions or consular institutions of their countries, located on the territory of Uzbekistan, as well as members of their families shall have the right to enter and stay without a visa for the whole period of work.

What documents are required for visa?

To get a visa to Uzbekistan you need to contact in your country (or nearest) the Consulate of Uzbekistan and provide the following documents:

the passport or document of stateless persons, the validity of which shall exceed the period of visa validity not less than 3 months;
duly completed visa application form, 2 copies;
2 colour passport-size photographs
the number of visa support received from the inviting/receiving party
paying slip for consular fees
If the documents provided are true and correct, they take them under advisement and in 2-4 days you get a visa to Uzbekistan.

Transit visa to Uzbekistan. In addition to the above documents for transit visa you must provide the visa of the state of destination (i.e. where you will go after Uzbekistan) and documents for travel - tickets (airline tickets, train tickets). The duration of the consideration of documents for a transit visa will be 3 days.

How to get a visa in Uzbekistan on arrival?

Uzbekistan visa can be obtained on arrival at the international airport of Tashkent. For visa obtainment in Tashkent airport there are also some rules:

  • visa in Tashkent airport on arrival you will be able to get if there is no diplomatic mission or consular institution of Uzbekistan in the land of abode;
  • if you are on a business trip in a foreign country and you need to visit Uzbekistan. In this case you will get transit visa.

In order to get a visa at Tashkent international airport you will also need the visa support, which prepares the inviting party in Uzbekistan. This can be a physical or legal person.

Visa support: terms

Before a foreign citizen applies to the Embassy or Consulate of Uzbekistan abroad to obtain a visa, he must first obtain a letter of invitation from the inviting party, approved by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan - in other words, visa support. Visa support is issued after registration of an application from the inviting party, which can be both physical and legal person residing in Uzbekistan.

For obtainment the tourist visa the receiving party in Uzbekistan can be only licensed travel agency.

Our travel agency provides visa support exclusively on the assumption of the reservation of the package of tourist services (accommodation, city tours, and transport services).
The term of consideration of application for visa support in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan is usually 10 working days subject to observance of prescribed procedure for submission of the necessary documents.

What kind of documents do you need for visa support?

So that we could apply to receive visa support we need the following information:

  1. Name:
  2. Surname:
  3. Sex:
  4. Citizenship. If you have changed it, you must specify previous citizenship
  5. Date of birth:
  6. Place of birth:
  7. Foreign passport number:
  8. Date of issue of passport:
  9. Date of expiry of passport:
  10. Certificate from the employer on company letterhead indicating the position, period of work experience with this company:
  11. Home address, telephone and e-mail:
  12. Country of issuing Uzbek visa:
  13. Date of arrival:
  14. Date of departure:
  15. Towns to visit:
  16. Purpose of the visit:
  17. Previous visits to Uzbekistan (state the year and month):
  18. One-time or multiple visa:

If you intend to obtain a visa at Tashkent airport, you must also provide copies of airline tickets or reservations in hotels.

We will also need the good quality scan of the first page of foreign passport and your photo.

The list of required documents and information for visa support, registration deadline and consular fees may be changed in accordance with the internal decrees and instructions of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Travel site bears no responsibility for failure to comply with the stated terms and the delay of the issuance of visas by consular sections of embassies, as well as for any refusal of a visa or visa support from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan;

If for some reason you cancel the booked package of tourist services, the procedure for visa will be also terminated.

Tourist visa is issued for a period not longer than one calendar month.

How much cost the processing and issuing visas at the Consulate/mission of Uzbekistan?

For the issuing of visas by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan the following consular fees are provided:
а) For a single entry visa:
• - up to 7 days – US$ 40.00;
• - up to 15 days – US$ 50.00;
• - up to 30 days – US$ 60.00;
• - up to 3 months – US$ 80.00;
• - up to 6 months – US$ 120.00;
• - up to 1 year – US$ 160.00.
Note: for each additional entry the tariff increases by US$ 10.00
b) For multiple-entry visas:
• - up to 6 months – US$ 150.00;
• - up to 1 year – US$ 250.00.
c) For transit visas:

• - up to 72 hours — US$ 40.00;
• - for a double entry transit visa — US$ 50.00.

d) For group visas (in the group must be at least 10 persons, excluding children under 16 years):
• - up to 15 days – US$ 15.00/per person;
• - up to 30 days – US$ 25.00/per person

The fees for reimbursement of actual expenses related to the visas issuing must be also paid. The amount of these fees depends on the place of visa issuance (irrespective of the nationality of the applicant).

Note: For citizens of countries that have relevant bilateral agreements, may provide for a different procedure for issuance of entry visas to the Republic of Uzbekistan

Visas for U.S. citizens, regardless of age, are issued for US$ 100.00, urgent - US$ 150.00.
Visa for citizens of Japan are issued without payment, but actual expenses for visas will be charged the equivalent of 2000 yen, i.e., US$ 18.00.

Children under 16 years visas shall be issued without payment.

About the rules of registration during the stay of the foreigner in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Foreign nationals arriving in Uzbekistan, according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan. from 16.04.1999, # 178, must apply for registration on arrival at the place of residence within three days, excluding holidays and weekends. If the arrival in Uzbekistan falls on a weekend or public holiday or trip is less than three working days, the registration is not necessary.

If you are staying with friends or relatives, they should register you at the local OVIR (Uzbek Visa and Registration for Foreigners Office).

If you are staying in a hotel, then you will automatically be registered for the duration of your stay in the hotel. When leaving the hotel you must receive the registration form with the seal of the hotel. Registration is included in the accommodation price.

How much is the registration of temporary residence permit?

For temporary registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons on the period of validity of the entry visa and for the renewal of a temporary residence permit for the period of extension of validity of the visa:
- up to one month – US$ 20.00;
- up to two months – US$ 40.00;
- up to three months – US$ 60.00;
- up to six months – US$ 100.00;
- up to 1 year – US$ 200.00.

For the temporary residence of citizens of the States-participants of the CIS for the period:
- from three days up to six months – US$ 5.00;
- six months and more – US$ 10.00.

Note: the registration of foreign citizens, who arrived in Uzbekistan on a tourist visa, for stays in private accommodation is not provided; only to foreign citizens arrived on business visas!

What you should know during registration and registration violations?

If the travel route is made so that the period of stay in each specific locality of the Republic does not exceed 3 days, to apply for registration is not necessary. However, remember that when leaving the country tourist will need to provide the passport control convincing documentary evidence that the tourist didn’t remain longer than three days in each locality. It MUST be air or train tickets, issued in the name of the tourist, and, in addition thereto, you can attach the tour program.

The travel in Uzbekistan by rail or road may be associated with the intersection of the borders of neighboring states. In this case, the tourists must have a multiple entry visa, in order to avoid unwanted delays. Please, before applying for visa, please carefully review your route.

Note: For citizens of countries that have appropriate bilateral arrangements and agreements may provide for a different procedure for issuance of entry visas to the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Attention! In accordance with part 1 of article 225 of the administrative liability Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the violation by a foreign citizen or a stateless person of the rules of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan, that is, living without documents on the right of residence in Uzbekistan or invalid documents, violation of the established procedure of temporary or permanent residence, movement or choice of residence, failure to depart after the expiration of the stay, as well as violation of the rules of transit through the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan punished by a fine from fifty to one hundred minimum wages (from US$ 2,181 to US$ 4,361 - fines specified in accordance with the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 29 January 2014), or the expulsion of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

End Faq

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