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чарвак зимаYou didn't yet decide where to spend winter vacation? Then we invite you to us, to Uzbekistan! Tour to Uzbekistan for New year it is precisely unusual and isn't banal! Very few people will be able to brag about the New Year in Uzbekistan. You will become one of the few, having exclusively celebrated New Year in Uzbekistan. 

Winter Uzbekistan isn't less beautiful and surprising, than in spring and autumn.

Winter vacation in Uzbekistan is the holiday with advantage and impressions, filled with energy and emotions. Besides there is one indisputable advantage of winter rest in Uzbekistan – there will be no crowds of tourists at the monuments.

щохизинда зимойOne more plus – if you are lucky and the weather will be same as in January of this year (sunny, up to +15 °C), then it will be possible to enjoy the winter sun and not to wear heavy sheepskin coats and caps with ear-flaps.

Besides the tours to Uzbekistan are 10-15% cheaper in the winter because many hotels grant discounts during a low tourist season and it is possible to reserve a junior suite or luxury at the acceptable price, plus to it many big hotels include the special offers, like a festive dinner or a lunch, in the cost. It will be possible to have a rest with the heightened comfort for reasonable prices, having ordered a tour on winter vacation to Uzbekistan!

You will see that snow and hoarfrost add to ancient monuments of Uzbekistan special charm and piquancy. Walking around the city during excursion in the winter, you can do small breaks, having visited small teahouses where you will be able to be warmed, having drunk hot coffee or fragrant green or black tea with a lemon and having tried traditional hot flat cakes and samosa.



регистан зимой

Also in the well-known Bukhara it is possible to visit traditional east bath – khamam, which differs from usual baths and saunas, and where you will be able to be warmed after cool winter day and to relax, having received massage.

In the winter you spend a lot of energy, especially if you move. Therefore for replenishment of your organism with new energy and forces in Uzbekistan it is the best to eat for lunch the traditional palaw (plov), which having eaten once, till the evening you won't think that it is necessary to stop and have a bite.

For fans of skiing and snowboards in hotels and Chimgan's boarding houses always there is equipment which is leased, for driving on nearby slopes and routes. Small hotels in Chimgan have the equipped rooms, restaurants and pools with heating.

бухара зима

We hope that our offer awoke your interest. We intentionally don't offer the specific program (as basic it is possible to take tour Classical Uzbekistan)since everything will depend on your opportunities and wishes. We also intentionally didn't put the price, since you can buy either complete tour, or only to use our services in the organization of excursions in the cities. Also everything will depend on that, how many days you will be able to spend in Uzbekistan and what cities you want to visit (all 4 cities – Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva) or only Samarkand and Bukhara since it is possible to arrive at once in one of these cities and to depart from another. It isn't obligatory to arrive to Tashkent, and also to take off from there, of course if you aren't the admirer of winter sports and you don't want to spend some days to Chimgan. And also it is important what type of transport you will prefer to move between the cities, since in the winter nevertheless likely it is more preferable to move by trains which now became rather comfortable in Uzbekistan, besides it will take less time.

If we interested you in our offer, then we wait for your inquiries. And our tour operators will offer you possible options of carrying out winter vacation in Uzbekistan within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of your inquiry.

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