One of the most unpleasant moments for the tourist in Uzbekistan would be to remain upon arrival in the airport building because of a packing of medicines. In order to avoid this it is necessary to know what medicines can give rise to doubt or even to cause penalties at establishment of not declared drugs during crossing the customs border in Uzbekistan. Learn about this from this article, whether the medicines which you carry with you in the suitcase to Uzbekistan, are forbidden.


Tour to Uzbekistan in spring

The spring in Uzbekistan is a time when the nature only just wakes up and the green grass and spring flowers are pleasing to the eye. You can come to be as in the dream among minarets and domes, while at home still everything is covered with snow.

Perhaps, it is one of the main sufficient reasons why it is worth coming to Uzbekistan in the spring. In the winter already many tour operators of Uzbekistan reserve rooms in the best hotels for group and individual arrivals. The tourist season in Uzbekistan begins from the second half of March.


Any tourist before selecting a trip is just interested in the question of what interesting there is in this country. Of all interesting places in the world you can mark out the known and unknown places. Of course, if it is a country famous for its resorts and beaches, about which there is everywhere a lot of advertisement, there is no choosing, just pick. You should go there!

But if we are talking about Uzbekistan, then you have to delve into the Internet to find the interesting places in this country, see photos, reviews of the programs and there is no wide range of offers to come in Uzbekistan. We will try in some way to help you in this job and will explain what interesting places there are in Uzbekistan. Let this list be not quite complete, we will supplement it and expand.

We recommend you to acquaint in detail with the information about the country before you arrive in Uzbekistan. It is important to know about the country, the people, customs and traditions. For tourists it is always important to know the rules in customs, passport regulations for foreigners.

Local police

Local police is rather strict to any violations of public order. Despite the often recorded cases of bribery in the police, in general, local authorities are quite civil, and the officers are attentive and polite to the tourists, though they are watchful. It is recommended to have always a passport - this greatly facilitates the relationship with police. Photography near airports, military bases, protected objects (bridges, buildings) and the sections of forces of law and order is prohibited and is strongly discouraged.

The necessary information for tourists on filling in the Сustoms Declaration at the entrance to Uzbekistan or departure from Uzbekistan

Many airlines distribute the Customs Declaration already in flight. If you are not a citizen of Uzbekistan, then you will need to complete 2 declarations: 1 at the entrance to Uzbekistan and 1 at departure from Uzbekistan.

At the entrance to Uzbekistan during the customs check in the declaration you must specify the correct information. Any inaccuracy can cause delays and clarify the situation. You must specify the imported and exported goods, jewelry. Import and export of animals and plants is carried out in the presence of a written and notarized permissions of the quarantine services

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