Old SamarkandSamarkand is one of the ancient towns of the Central Asia. The time of its foundation is not established exactly as well as the derivation of the word “Samarkand”. The oriental authors wrongly believed that the first part of the name “Samar” was the proper name of founder or conqueror. However, the history doesn’t know such name. The second part of the word “kent” means the settlement, the town. Some European scientists interpreted the name from the ancient root similar to Sanskrit Samarya, what means in translation “meeting, gathering”. The antique authors called this town “Marakanda”.

In Urgut marketUrgut is one of ancient settlements of Uzbekistan near Samarkand located at the foot of mountains of Zaravshan ridge. Urgut lies 40 km from Samarkand and 20 km in the western direction from the Uzbek-Tajik border. Apprx. 50 thousand inhabitants live in Urgut and 350 thousand people live in the area.

It is well-known for the plane trees the age of which is more than 1,000 years. It is remarkable that according to some information about 500 thousand people living in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan refer themselves to an ethnic community Urgutlik (or Urguti in Tajik) which is subgroup of the ethnic Uzbeks connecting the descent with Urgut environs. For this ethnic subgroup the frequent use of the Tajik words at home communication is typical.

Afrosiab, SamarkandTo the north of modern Samarkand there is the vast lifeless ancient settlement abandoned by the people after the Mongolian devastation (beginning of XIII c.). Muslim authors called the ancient settlement “khisory kuhna”, “kalai kuhna”, “kali kadym” means “old forest”. The modern name “Afrosiab” (the name of mythical tsar Turan, the hero of epic poem “Shah-Name”), as indicated archeologists, occurs only in Manghits time in XVII-XVIII cc. 

registanIn Samarkand and its environs there are many various historical monuments, old buildings and just remarkable places. For guests there is a wonderful opportunity to visit these places together with a guide or independently.

Some of the monuments are included in the standard city tour. However, most places still remain unknown to the average tourist. In this page you can find information about what you can see in Samarkand and its surrounding area and what could be interesting for you.


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