One-day city tour of Bukhara

Bukhara - photo of E. LenevaDo you believe in the miracles? To feel the centuries roll back – isn’t it the miracle!? We invite you to think back to the days long past and for that you won’t need the time machine! You will be able to inhale the spirit of that time during the walk along the streets oа the ancient Bukhara, during the visit of the unique buildings filled with the grandeur of that time. You’ll enjoy the unforgettable sight how the history revives before your very eyes.

If you decide to arrive in Bukhara, you just tell us when you need a city tour, at which hotel you will be staying, how many people, if you need a transport for excursions in the suburbs of Bukhara (or even to have "at hand") and at what time you like to start the city tour. In addition it is possible that you are interested in our tours to Uzbekistan, where it will be a visit to Bukhara as one of the jewels of the Orient.

The sightseeing tour in Bukhara - it is the enthralling breathtaking adventure in the style of the oriental take. You are to learn and to see the oriental culture where each building is saturated with the antiquity and has its own mystery. You will not remain indifferent to this town, town-museum, the town of the poetry and tale. And all this is Bukhara. Believe in the miracles together with us!

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One-day city tour of Bukhara

9:00 - the meeting with the guide at any comfortable for you place in Bukhara (the railway station, the hotel, the monument, the center of the town).

9:30 - the beginning of the sightseeing tour. This day you won’t need the transport because it is better to look at the beauty of Bukhara during the walk along the ancient streets and not through the car window. And you can save your money.

The acquaintance with the architectural monuments of “Noble Bukhara” (in Arab “Bukhara-i-sharif”), with the appearance of the old town: complex Lyabi-Khauz, the trade domes, caravanserais, the mosque Maggoki-Attori (XI-XII cc.), the kosh-madrasah (madrasah of Ulugbek XV c., madrasah Abdulaziz-Khana XVII c.), Poi-Kalyan square (XI-XVII cc.), the golden bazar of Bukhara, the mausoleum of Samanids (IX-X cc.), the complex Chashma-Ayub («the Iov’s spring», XII-XVI cc.), Chor-Minar (XIX c.), the citadel Ark, the mosque Bolo-Khauz (XVI-XVIII cc.).

17:00 the end of the excursion.

The city tour price

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The tour price includes:

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  • Admission tickets to the sightseeing spots mentioned

Note: One day in Bukhara you can spend without car. Here we offer the walking city tour.

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Mosque Baland

17-03-2015 Hits:1383 Historical monuments

Mosque Baland

The mosque Baland, translated as "high", was built on a high stone soil and represents a type of quarterly mosques in Bukhara. The mosque Baland was erected in ХVI century and...

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Minaret Kalon

20-03-2015 Hits:1279 Historical monuments

Minaret Kalon

Minaret Kalon (Kalyan) represents a huge vertical column made of backed bricks. The minaret originally had various purposes: it served to heralds for a call for a prayer, as lookout...

Ulugbek madrasah in Bu…

15-03-2015 Hits:1616 Historical monuments

Ulugbek madrasah in Bukhara

Famous Uzbek astronomer and statesman Mirzo Ulugbek built in Bukhara the madrasah, which hitherto attractes the attention of many tourists and townsmen. Ulugbek madrasah is one of the oldest extant madrasahs...

Chor Minor in Bukhara

07-03-2015 Hits:2004 Historical monuments

Chor Minor in Bukhara

The architectural complex Chor Minar (another pronunciation: Char Minar, Chor-Minor) is located in the busy northeastern part of Bukhara, near Lyabi-Hauz complex. Unusual historical monument is located on the open...

Prison Zindan in Bukha…

22-03-2015 Hits:1814 Historical monuments

Prison Zindan in Bukhara

Zindan served as a prison of Emir of Bukhara. The building of Zindan, which is located today behind Ark fortress, was built in the second half of XVIII century in...

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Fortified wall of Bukh…

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Fortified wall of Bukhara

Recently Bukhara was surrounded by a fortress wall being 12 kilometers in circumference. At a height of 10 meters and a thickness of 5 meters the wall was an architectural...

Palace Sitorai Mokhi-K…

09-03-2015 Hits:2033 Historical monuments

Palace Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa

The palace Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa was built as one of the country court parks-palaces. It was built in 1911-1920 at the behest of the last Emir Said-Alim-Khan. The poetic name of...

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