Three-day city tour of Bukhara

Three-day city tour of BukharaBukhara is so unusual city, that you can spend there even the most part of the tour. We can even tell you more - the tourists fall in love with Bukhara at first sight. Many of our clients, beeing once in Bukhara, come back there again and again. Some even decided to link their life with the ancient and magnificent city.

What can you do in Bukhara except the roaming about the narrow streets for hours and enjoy the atmosphere of the East? We offer you to make good use of tree days in Bukhara.


Three-day city tour Bukhara

The first day in Bukhara

9:00 The meeting with the guide at any comfortable for you place in Bukhara (the railway station, the hotel, the monument, the center of the town).

9:30 The acquaintance with the architectural monuments of “Noble Bukhara” (in Arab “Bukhara-i-sharif”), with the appearance of the old town: the visit to the monumental architectural ensemble – mosque and minaret Kalyan, also the madrasah Miri-Arab. They form the single complex – Poi-Kalyan (XII c.) - "The pedestal of the Great", the complex Lyabi-Khauz, the trade domes, caravanserais, the mosque Maggoki-Attori (XI-XII cc.), the kosh-madrasah (the madrasah of Ulugbek XV c., the madrasah Abdulaziz-khana XVII c.), the golden bazar of Bukhara, the mausoleum of Samanids (IX-X cc.), the complex Chashma-Ayub («the Iov’s springа», XII-XVI cc.), Chor-Minar (XIX c.), the citadel Ark, the mosque Bolo-Khauz (XVI-XVIII cc.).

17:00 the end of the first day of the excursion.

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The second day in Bukhara

Breakfast in the hotel.

09:00 outings.

The visit of the complex of Bakhauddin Nakshbandi (12 km from Bukhara, the former center of Sufis, at the present one of the most respected and attended holy places. The country complex Residence of Bukhara Emir Sitora and Mohi Khosa (XIX c.) – between the Moon and the Star. The visit to the necropolis Chor-Bakr. In the necropolis there are burial places of the sheiks from kin of Djuibars sayyids. The necropolis is rather big architectural complex entered in the UNESCO catalogue. Abroad this necropolis is famous under the name “The town of death”. The return to Bukhara.

The visit to the bathhouse of XVI c. (with bathing and massage) – at your choice (US$ 15.00/per pax).

Free time. The end of the second day of the tour.

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The third day in Bukhara

Breakfast in the hotel.

10:00 The transfer to Gizhduvan (46 km from Bukhara). Gizhduvan is famous with its ceramic wares. As of today it is the only extant center of the polychromatic glazed ceramics of the region, developed on the ancestry’s customs and easily continuing them in the modern times. The thick paint-clay is applied over the raw product and during the baking it yield results of a convex, very raised pattern. Gijduvan masters put the patterns of these paints in several layers, then glaze them. It so happen that the convex pattern is in glassy stratum of yellowish glaze, and at a hit of the light on the surface of utensils, creates effect of a pattern glow. In Gizhduvan you will: see the production process of the glazed wares, visit the museum of ceramics and buy unique ceramic wares of the local masters.

The lunch in Gizhduvan.

Then the visit of the ecological center "Djeyran", which is located 30 km from Bukhara. It is a unique national park which has no analogues in the Central Asia and in the whole world as well. The animals are in open-air cages: secured area, surrounded by a net, of five thousand hectares does not restrict the movement of gazelles. The program includes 2-houres tour in this center. At present in eco-centre there is an action “Adopt the baby animal” and all comers can take care of one of the djeyran babies or Bukhara wild sheep paying for keeping them in the farm. Return to Bukhara.

At your choice: the visit to the Puppet theater and gold embroidery shop.

The end of the three-day tour.



The tour price

Three-day city tour of Bukhara

Quantity of people
The cost of the city tour, US$

The tour price includes
  • The service of professional guide
  • Overland transportation during the 2nd and 3rd days of the tour
  • Admission tickets to the sightseeing spots mentioned
  • The visit of the farm “Djeyran”
  • Mineral water
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City tour in Bukhara



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