Two-day city tour of Bukhara

City tour of Bukhara

A good opportunity to learn Bukhara will be a two-day tour of the city and country objects. On the first day you can manage without a car, on the second you can rent a car or arrange for a taxi for half a day. You can send us an application and we'll discussed with you the program, rates and terms in details.

The two-day city tour of Bukhara

To spend two days in Bukhara is a great opportunity to know the city and chat with kind and welcoming residents. For a good pastime in this Eastern city there are important at least 2 things: the hotel and the guide. Choose a hotel so that it would be near Lyabi-House and then you will have a good opportunity for rest and sightseeing. The individual tour can be planned in such a way as not to take the entire day by only "dry" stories. As far as possible, we offer our clients to go for a walk around the town in the morning before lunch. After lunch can take a break, during which you can either relax in the hotel or can alone walk along the mall, talk with vendors, look at things made by the hands of Bukhara masters. After lunch you can continue the tour for another 2-3 hours. This is quite good advice, especially if it is a hot day.

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The city tour program for two days in Bukhara 

The first day

9:00 The meeting with the guide at any comfortable for you place in Bukhara (the railway station, the hotel, the monument, the center of the town).

9:30 The acquaintance with the architectural monuments of “Noble Bukhara” (in Arab “Bukhara-i-sharif”), with the appearance of the old town: the visit to the monumental architectural ensemble – mosque and minaret Kalyan, also the madrasah Miri-Arab. They form the single complex – Poi-Kalyan (XII c.) - "The pedestal of the Great", the complex Lyabi-Khauz, the trade domes, caravanserais, the mosque Maggoki-Attori (XI-XII cc.), the kosh-madrasah (the madrasah of Ulugbek XV c., the madrasah Abdulaziz-khana XVII c.), the golden bazar of Bukhara, the mausoleum of Samanids (IX-X cc.), the complex Chashma-Ayub («the Iov’s springа», XII-XVI cc.), Chor-Minar (XIX c.), the citadel Ark, the mosque Bolo-Khauz (XVI-XVIII cc.).

17:00 the end of the first day of the excursion.

The second day

Breakfast in the hotel.

09:00 outings.

The visit of the complex of Bakhauddin Nakshbandi (12 km from Bukhara, the former center of Sufis, at the present one of the most respected and attended holy places. The country complex Residence of Bukhara Emir Sitora and Mohi Khosa (XIX c.) – between the Moon and the Star. The visit to the necropolis Chor-Bakr. In the necropolis there are burial places of the sheiks from kin of Djuibars sayyids. The necropolis is rather big architectural complex entered in the UNESCO catalogue. Abroad this necropolis is famous under the name “The town of death”. The return to Bukhara.

The visit to the bathhouse of XVI c. (with bathing and massage) – at your choice (US$ 15.00/per pax).

Free time. The end of the second day of the tour.

Carved painted wooden ceilings of the mosque Bolo-House. The great walls of the Ark fortress. It is difficult to imagine that all this beauty was built by the hands of the people. The summer residence of the Emir of Bukhara.

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The city tour cost

Two-day tour of Bukhara

Quantity of people
The cost of the city tour, in US$

The tour price includes

  • The service of professional guide
  • Overland transportation during the 2nd day of the tour
  • Entrance fees to the sightseeing spots mentioned
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  • 2
  • 3
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City tour in Bukhara



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