Three-day Samarkand city tour

Three-day Samarkand city tour

It is a mini-tour intended for three days which will allow you to visit not only Samarkand – “The gem of the orient”, but also the mystical and religious place - the cave Khazrati-Daud. Samarkand is rightly called the city, where is reflected the face of the Earth. Medieval poets have compared it with the Garden of Eden or the Rome of the East.

For its thousand-year history Samarkand was the capital of the state Sogdia, Transoxiana, and even the first capital of Uzbekistan. Despite the fact that all the glory, wealth and power were concentrated in the city itself, but in the surrounding area, in the hamlets, villages and suburbs of the old city preserved the rich culture of ancient civilizations.

A three-day tour of Samarkand includes the following program:



The program of the first day:

9:00 The beginning of the city tour. The visit to the mausoleum Guru-Emir (XIV-XV cc.) where it is placed the tomb of Amir Temur and his relatives; the mausoleum Rukhabad (XIV c.) – “The dwelling place of the spirit”, which was built in honour of the mystic-sheikh Burkhaneddin Klych Sagardji; the Registan square (XV-XVII cc.): Madrasah od Ulugbek, Madrasah Tilya-Kori, Madrasah Sher-Dor.

13:00 Lunch time.

14:00 The continuation of the tour. Mausoleum Shahi-Zinda (XII-XV cc.): one of the supposed graves of Kusam Ibn Abass (cousin of the prophet Muhammad); the observatory of Ulugbek (XV c.) – the astronomer, scientist, ruler and the beloved grandson of Timur, who was killed by order of his son.

The program of the second day:

9:00 The continuation of the tour in Samarkand. The Mosque Khazrat Khyzr (XIX c.) – it is named after the holy old man the meeting with whom promises the unprecedented happiness and good luck. The ancient settlement Afrosiab – the ancient location of Samarkand before its destruction by Genghis Khan. The mosque Bibi-Khanym (XIV c.). Bibi-Khanym is the name of the beloved wife of Timur and the mosque was built in her honour.

13:00 Lunch.
14:00 The visit to the vinery named after Khovrenko. The visit to the silk-weaving mill.

The program of the third day:

10:00 The journey to Aksay. The visit to the cave Khazrati Daud. 40 kilometers away from Samarkand there is an unusual place where hundreds of pilgrims flock every year.

2,500 steps lead to the cave, the pilgrims are offered to do this way on horseback or on the burro back. The hardiest overcome this way by walk. On the top of the hill there is a tiny mosque of Khazrat Daud where the mullah says his prayer.

13:00 Return to Samarkand. Lunch. Free time in Samarkand.

The city tour cost

Three-day tour of Samarkand

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The cost of the city tour, in US$

The tour price includes:

  • The service of professional guide
  • Overland transportation during the tour and journey to Khazrati-Daud
  • Admission tickets to the sightseeing spots mentioned
  • Visit to the vinery named after Khovrenko
  • Visit to the silk-weaving mill
  • Mineral water
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