Two-day Samarkand city tour

Two-day Samarkand city tourDuring two days you will be able to see and visit two ancient towns of Uzbekistan: Samarkand and Shahrisabz, the architectural structures of which amaze you with their magnificence and majesty. One of two full days in Samarkand you can devote to the city tour of the ancient Samarkand, and on the second day you can go to Shakhrisabz.

If you go by car, you can go to Shakhrisabz through the mountain pass Takhta-Karacha (1675 m). Keep in mind that on the pass there are very good taverns where you can taste national dishes tandoor-kabob or jees.

The program of the first day sightseeing in Samarkand includes:

Meeting with the guide and driver at any comfortable for you place (hotel, monument, railway station, airport).

9:00 The beginning of the city tour. The visit to the mausoleum Guru-Emir (tomb of Emir). Inside the mausoleum lies the body of the great Amir Temur, his sons and grandsons, and the body of honoured by Timurids sheikh Mir-Said Bereke as well.  


You’ll see and walk in the famous Registan square with three madrasahs: Madrasah of Ulugbek (1417-1420), Sher-Dor Madrasah (1619-1635/36), Tillya-Kori Madrasah (1647-1659/60). Just here you can purchase the oriental souvenirs for your friends and relatives. Then you visit the Mosque Bibi-Khanym.


12:00-13:00 Lunch. The guide will advise you the restaurant or bijou of a bistro.
13:00 The continuation of the tour. The journey to the mausoleum of Khodja Donier (prophet Daniil). The place is pilgrimage object for the locals and newcomers from all over the world as well. In 1996 Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexiy II, when he came to Samarkand, has visited this mausoleum and consecrated it.


The visit to the ancient settlement Afrosiab, the heart and soul of the modern Samarkand. The town buried long time ago under the stratum of the grey-yellow Aeolian soil and which still provokes the interest of the archeologists.


The visit to the vinery named after Khovrenko.

17:00 the end of the city tour.

The overnight stay in Samarkand. If you wish, we can book for you the comfortable and inexpensive hotel

The program of the second day sightseeing in Samarkand includes:

9:00 Departure for Shahrisabz. The sightseeing tour in Shahrisabz:
The ruins of the palace of the great Timur called Ak-saray – “White palace”, memorial complex Dorut Tilyavat, mausoleum Dorus-Saidat and Gumbazi-Seyidan – religious places oа Shahrisabz, the mosque Kok-Gumbaz (Blue dome, XV c.).

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch in Shahrisabz. The continuation of the tour.
16:00 Return to Samarkand.
18:00 Free time in Samarkand.

The city tour cost

Two-day tour of Samarkand

Quantity of people
The cost of the city tour, in US$

The tour price includes:

  • The service of professional guide
  • Overland transportation during the tour and journey to Shahrisabz
  • Admission tickets to the sightseeing spots mentioned
  • Visit to the vinery named after Khovrenko
  • Mineral water


How much is the tour to Uzbekistan?

You should pay attention to the fact that to visit Samarkand you can also, if you decide to travel around Uzbekistan. It may be the tour both for 5-6 days and 9-11 days. In this tour youcan stay in Samarkand for 2-3 days and then also visit such ancient cities as Bukhara and Khiva. Most of the costs will be relatively expensive flight to Uzbekistan. But you can choose properly connecting flights, where you can save well on the flight.

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Mausoleum of Khodja Da…

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Mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar

On the territory of the ancient city, where once appeared Samarkand, there is one of the most revered pilgrimage places - the mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar or Saint Daniel, known...

Mausoleum Khodja Akhma…

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Mausoleum Khodja Akhmad Abdi Darun

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Complex Rukhabad

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To the North of the Gur-Emir rises another mausoleum, which differs from other buildings of Samarkand in its form and architecture. The mausoleum Rukhabad, with the ascetic simplicity natural to...

Madrassah Tillya Kari

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Madrassah Tillya Kari

In 1646-1647, Yalangtush-Biy began the construction of a new building, which supposed to close the Registan square by its main façade from the third, North side, where formerly there was...

Malika Prime Hotel

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Malika Prime Hotel

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Hotel Ideal

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Hotel Ideal

Ideal This hotel is situated in the dormitory suburb of Samarkand, but near University Boulevard (5 minutes by walk) and the mausoleum Gur-Emir. The rooms are decorated in classic style...

Registan square

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Art-show “Ayisha” – the silk art school

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