City tour of Tashkent

Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Alisher NavoiIf you are the real tourist, then at least once in your life you should visit the sunny Uzbekistan and understand that you like to come back here once again. New emotions, impressions, discoveries are waiting for you here at every step. Once you come in Uzbekistan, you surely have to visit its capital Tashkent, the biggest cultural and historical center in the Central Asia. Therefore we bring you forward the city tour in the capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent.

Though there is no such abundance of the ancient monuments and architectural buildings like in Khiva, Bukhara or Samarkand, it excels other towns in the development of infrastructure and attracts the tourists to the modern buildings, entertaining centers, museums, theaters and exhibitions.

Choose the tours to Tashkent – “the city of friendship”, “the city of peace” and you’ll not regret! You also have the opportunity to book the tour of Uzbekistan, nearly all tours include the visit of Tashkent.

 There will be the visit of the old and new part of Tashkent. The wonderful Tashkent combines the European chic and the oriental hospitality.

One-day city tour Tashkent

  • The duration: 4-6 hours
  • Tour days: every day

One-day tour to Tashkent includes the following program:

Meeting with the guide and driver at any comfortable for you place (railway station, hotel, monument).

9:00 Beginning of the city tour.

In the old city of Tashkent it is possible to get acquainted with history and modernity of architectural and religious complex Host Imam (Hazrat Imam). This is one of the most interesting and important historical places in Tashkent. Here there is beautiful, with two tall minarets, Grand Friday mosque Jhuma. For the first time to know about the cult of Holiness, religious movements and attitude toward the Muslim shrines, you can if you visit the mausoleum of Yunus Khan and mausoleum Kaffal Shashi (XVI century). In madrasah Barak-Khan remained a surprising pattern of inlaid mosaic of the XVI century, with pictures of floral and geometric ornament. In madrasah Barak-Khan you can visit various workshops of the handicraft centre (carving, engraving, miniature, watercolor, silk scarves, books etc). In Madrasah Mui Muborak (XIX century) at Host Imam square there is one of the relics of the Islamic world: here is kept a unique artifact - the world's oldest Uthman Quran.

Then you can take a walk on the square "Istiqlol": visit the craft center in madrasah Abdul Kasim (XVI-XVII), in which there are craft shops. Here you can see firsthand how the hands of craftsmen make the miracle. At the monument to Alisher Navoi you can learn about the works of this unique poet: his stories and the history about him. You will also be asked to walk to the Amir Temur public garden with park and the statue of Amir Timur, sitting on horseback.
Colonnade at monument to memory, Tashkent Ancient artifact, Koran of the Caliph Osman, VII century, Tashkent Walk on Khazrat Imam Square, Tashkent City tour of the old part of the city, Khazrat Imam, Tashkent

13:00-14:00 Lunch. The guide will recommend you good restaurant or bistro.

14:00 The continuation of the city tour:

The Bolshoi Theater of opera and ballet named after Alisher Navoi, which is as of today the only Bolshoi Theater in the territory of the Central and South-East Asia. The theater building is the architectural monument of the middle XX c., its courtyard shows the beautiful world of the national folk art. In front of the building there is beloved by all people a beautiful fountain in the shape of a flower of the cotton plant. Generations of Tashkent city residents associates Theatre square with place for visits, meetings and outings with children. Near Theatre square there is Mustaquillik square (Independence square) - a symbolic place for each of the Uzbek people. Here take place national festivals and celebrations. In ordinary days here walking a lot of people, often passing wedding processions and crowds of curious tourists.

The monumental complex “Courage” deserves the special attention. The monument devoted to the liquidation of the Tashkent earthquake consequences which happened on April 26, 1966 in Tashkent. The monument of Courage - the monument to the victims of the earthquake 1966 On the granite podium set cube of black labradorite, one side of which is carved the date: April 26, 1966. On the other side carved clock with arrows pointing time - 5 hours 24 minutes. On this day, in early morning the city was hit by an earthquake of 8.3 points. The cube splits the crack, which symbolizes a fracture in the earth's firmament. 

Monument in Mustaqillik square (Independence), Tashkent Monument Courage, monument to the victims of an earthquake in 1966, Tashkent Мonument Courage, cube of black labradorite, Tashkent Tashkent Theater of opera and ballet named after Alisher Navoi

On the old town square Chorsu you can see and, if there is no lessons, even visit the current Kukeldash madrassah (XVI-XVII). Get to know the education in modern theological school, find out what subjects studied here and visit the room of calligraphers in ancient madrasah.

You can find the high spots of the old city life in Tashkent bazaar “Eski Djuva” which is located in Chorsu. Here you can take a walk along the street of craftsmen, see the Uzbek beshik (the cot), the suzanne, stamps for Uzbek flat cake called “lepeshka”. In the dome-shaped building of the bazaar you can see the heaps of the dried fruits, kurt and salads. You also should go to the tearoom (chaykhana) there and see the cooked Uzbek national dishes. At the end of the city tour the guide will offer you to go by the Tashkent underground to the hotel.

Базар Чорсу Sellers in Uzbekistan very friendly and with pleasure are photographed Пsale of wattled baskets in Chorsu bazaar, Tashkent Tashkent undergroun

Hereon one-day sightseeing tour in Tashkent with and our experienced guide ends. If You learn something new from the history of Tashkent, about its people, culture and identity, we will be very happy.

Welcome to Tashkent!

Short program

Within one-day city tour of Tashkent you will be able to visit the following monuments: Old part of the city, complex Khazrat Imam, madrasah Kukeldash, Chorsu, Bazaar "Eski Djuva", monument "Courage", Mustaquillik square, Amir Timur public garden,  Theater of opera and ballet named after Alisher Navoi, Theater square, Istiqlol square, underground. 

If you have wish to visit other monuments, please inform in your application.

City tour price

Quantity of people Price, $
1 115
2 65
3-5 40
6-7 35

The price is in US Dollars

What is included?

  • Professional guide
  • Transport during the city tour
  • Admission tickets to the monuments under program

What is not included?

  • nternational or local air- or railway tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Visit to other monuments, not mentioned in the program
  • Other expenses

How to book?

In order to see and learn Tashkent as we offer you during our tours of Uzbekistan, you only need to buy airticlets, tell us the date of the tour and send your application. And we'll be glad to meet you in Tashkent!

In order to book the city tour of Tashkent, please send the application in the form (in the right column) or from the page "Contacts". Don't forget to specify the following:

  • day (date) and time of the city tour
  • quantity of people: adults and children
  • place of meeting with the guide and driver
  • the language of the tour (if it is not Russian)
  • Your preferences. Here you can specify what else you would like to see in Tashkent except the mentioned in theprogram

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