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        2017-02-13 15:47:55Supply and demand imbalance will bring difficulties to the hotel industry
        概要: Recently, at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit, many people have pointed out that the supply of the hotel industry is greater than demand."2017 will be a...
        2017-02-13 15:43:32Huawei high value small base station gains iF industrial design award
        概要: Huawei's latest Small Cell (small base station) products, known as the "design community Oscar," said the iF Industrial Design Award (iF Design Award)...
        2017-02-13 15:35:4512 hotel customer information was leaked
        概要: In January 2017 the international high-end hotel brand billboard fifth InterContinental Hotel, recently came the hacking news. February 7th, according to the Be...
        2017-02-13 15:35:04Huawei and Oracle become the power of environmental networking partners
        概要: Huawei and Oracle officially signed the power of the Internet business partners MOU...
        2014-11-28 10:36:57Puyong News 華為
        概要: Puyong News...

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