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        Huawei and Oracle become the power of environmental networking partners

        Admin2017-02-13 15:35:04

        Recently, Huawei and Oracle officially signed a power interface eco-partner MOU, will continue around Huawei AMI solution and Oracle utilities MDM, SGG and other related products for joint program development, marketing and marketing work.


        According to the MOU, the two sides will continue to cooperate based on customer needs, make full use of Huawei in information and communication products and solutions leading technology, with Oracle in the global public utilities water, electricity, gas industry solutions product development, implementation, consulting and Service outsourcing capabilities to provide end-to-end AMI solutions to help customers improve their customer experience and enhance their power supply quality.

        With the development of social economy, the development of power meter reading technology has gone through three stages. The first stage is manual meter reading MMR (Manual Meter Reading). The second stage is one-way, regular automatic meter reading AMR (Automatic Meter Reading). The third stage is today's AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) two-way communication automatic meter reading. The AMI solution is an industry solution provided by Huawei to power customers. It is used to measure, collect, store, analyze and use the complete system of user's electricity information to solve the power consumption data of the power companies to prevent users from stealing electricity. Electricity and other aspects of the challenges and problems. The AMI solution provides users with reliable, high-quality power supply services that allow power companies to achieve reasonable control over energy, monitor and regulate energy demand and improve energy efficiency.

        Prior to Oracle and Huawei Huawei AMI solution front-end systems (HES) and Oracle MDM and SGG successfully completed interoperability testing. Huawei's all-connected power grid AMI solution and Oracle MDM system, follow the standard IT technology, the use of open architecture, to achieve interoperability, Oracle MDM Huawei HES North interface to achieve remote meter pull, data and event acquisition and other basic functions, To achieve the AMI solution intelligent meter reading, remote control, stealing power analysis and power quality analysis and other scenes, the two sides based on successful interoperability testing and technical seminars, the establishment of eco-partnership to help the global smart grid construction.

        "Huawei is very pleased to have a strong relationship with Oracle in the field of power networking and to create a more prosperous ecosystem for Huawei's IoT," said Cong Peijin, general manager of Huawei Energy Solutions. And joint marketing to increase strategic investment, the cooperation between the two sides do real deep, to commercial success.

        "Oracle is looking forward to working with Huawei to further collaborate in the areas of market, technology, sales and service based on Oracle's extensive industry and customer experience and expertise in the global power and utilities sector," said Stuart Shaw, Oracle Greater China Sales Director. Solutions, and Huawei to the market, to achieve win - win situation.

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