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        Huawei high value small base station gains iF industrial design award

        Admin2017-02-13 15:43:32

        Huawei's latest Small Cell products, LampSite 3.0 and AtomCell BTS3912E, recently held in Germany 2017 iF International Forum on Design (iF, International Forum Design), with a tool-free installation, efficient cooling both beautiful and simple industrial design , Won the "design industry Oscar," said the iF Industrial Design Award (iF Design Award).


        Released in November 2016, LampSite 3.0 is the latest generation of Huawei's digital mobile broadband coverage solution. LampSite 3.0 in the continuation of the family styling at the same time into more design breakthroughs, from the "morning dew" surface tension surface affinity modeling, visually easier integration with urban architecture. At the same time LampSite 3.0 volume of less than 2L to achieve multi-band full-bandwidth capability to support more than 1Gbps wireless network access and multi-carrier network sharing.


        AtomCell BTS3912E released in June 2016, Huawei is introduced for the outdoor hot spot capacity of the Small Cell products. BTS3912E Extreme cylindrical shape is particularly suitable for installation and deployment on the city's road poles, and the innovative "shark gills" bionic heat dissipation achieves a balance between equipment performance and aesthetic design. BTS3912E in less than 8 liters of the volume to achieve a modular return and LED street lamp design, with a strong scalability, can adapt to different business models, without cable return network, you can help operators to achieve " There is a net "ideal deployment.

        "We are delighted that Huawei's Small Cell product design has been recognized by the industry, and Huawei's Small Cell is committed to providing users with the ultimate mobile broadband experience to help operators cope with shopping centers, commercial blocks, transportation hubs, , Sports venues, residential areas and other hot areas of the challenges of large capacity needs.Excellent industrial design will help operators to further simplify the Small Cell deployment, and Small Cell network and urban environment integration.

        As of the end of 2016, Huawei LampSite has been in France Evian Royal Hotel, Spain Barcelona MWC Exhibition Center, Singapore Sands Hotel, Thailand Paragon Shopping Center, Beijing Capital Airport, China National Sports Center, China National Grand Theater and other global hundreds A landmark building to get commercial scale.

        IF "Germany" is the world's most famous four design awards, known as "design Oscar," said. Since 1953, iF design award has been recognized as a benchmark for the world's excellent design. The award by the more than 20 countries from the world nearly 60 well-known experts in the jury, in the rigorous selection criteria and procedures selected in the design, experience, innovation and other aspects of outstanding products.

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