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        Shanghai ProYon Technology (ProYon for short) creates its unique service package base on market needs.  From early consulting, to installing and setting implementing, then after services for warranty and services, all can be from done.  For customers, they not only purchased service products itself, but also ProYon’s caring monitoring and worry free services.  For further information, please contact: 189-189-00097.



        ProYon’s expert engineer can help in planning and designing network structure.

        Optimizing network structure is a new service, saving enterprising operation cost.  In short, optimizing current resource, yielding better networking performances and preventing possible treats.  This can be done through series of professional expertise advices.



        Assist to customized strategy; explore end-user potential needs; help to guide in full bidding process.  All customer need is to provide end-user’s requested functions and budget, then we can provide a full engineering bidding document.



        ProYon can provide testing units for customer to run series of test before purchasing.  Customer can evaluate devices appearance, actually environment device performance to determine if the device fits users’ requests.



        Networking devices, unlike home appliances, are usually technically challenged to be installed by none engineers.  ProYon can provide professional engineering team to help install and set up.  ProYon provide “Install report”, recording the installation process, for future reference purpose.  For further details, please contact ProYon engineering BU.


        Bandwidth Applying

        ProYon is closely partnered with ISP (China Telecomm and Unicom) bandwidth business, PTN, SDH, ATM etc.  Same bandwidth, cheaper cost.  Major international brand are ProYon’s customers, saving up to 10% of operational cost. 


        Performance evaluating

        Via automatic device tools to simulate different environment, usage, to ensure device’s performance is as promised.  The evaluation is based on Software and Hardware testing

        1.Performance: testing if performance is as indicates, or if able to work properly under the estimated environment.

        2.Capability: evaluate if device’s capability is as indicates, if able to sustain the future need.

        3.Enhancement: find out if devices require further enhancement.




        Permeability Testing

        By Permeability, it means hacking the device, or in easier term to understand, simulate hacking the device.  This test can evaluate where the network setting is most vulnerable, find out potential treats, and how to patch the holes to prevent from actual hacking.




        OS Security Enhancement

        Through series of tests, ProYon will provide a full detailed report of how to enhance security of the current networking environment.  Ways of enhancement include software upgrading, database organizing, patches installing or security setting modifying, etc.  Operation System include: Windows 2000 to Windows 2008.  UNIX/LINUX, and SUN.


        Database Security Enhancement

        Some of ProYon’s customers require higher security than others, such as Military, Public Sector, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, etc.  ProYon has a team of database engineers dedicate to database security, which include Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.


        Network Security Enhancement

        As networking becomes an essential part of everyday life, users not only enjoying the convenient of easy communication, but also the threat of information leakage or network relates attacks.  Recent network attacks makes network security imminent than ever.  ProYon, professional to network devices, has already analyzed series of hardware include servers, routers, switches, etc, to determine the possible vulnerable points.  Therefore, building solutions around it to increase the whole network security level. 


        Server Hosting

        Server Hosting service is for customer to rent a fully equip Information Data Centre, good network bandwidth, and an experienced IT team to manage. Customer can cut back its IT investment, by not building its own IDC, not laying expensive network wiring, not hiring highly experienced engineering team, but still able to enjoy a professional server and network provided.  ProYon got its own IDC and engineering team to ensure customer can enjoy a worry-free server hosting experience.  We provide 7x24 call, responsible engineer is only 15-min. way from IDC site, as well as SLA service.


        IDC (Information Data Centre) building

        IDC is like the central nerve system of the whole network.  Therefore, project involves IDC building needs to be the most experienced engineering team, which include members with knowledge of electricity, construction, network, etc.  Four basic elements of IDC building include: structure, system, service, and management.  Professional engineer is required to monitor all devices and environment, such as humidity, temperature, noise, security, power and others.




        IDC moving

        As time passes, the original IDC may not be sufficient for the rapidly growing data.  Hence, moving data to a new better, bigger IDC is necessary.  ProYon provided an “online moving” service, ensure all operation functional and data stored with backups to the new IDC.  Mentioned earlier, IDC is the central nerve system of every network relates activities, so this moving must be delicate, precise, and smooth.




        Case-by-case Service

        Case-by-case service is for engineer to provide periodically technical support to customers in need.  This include: system installation, security enhancement, network optimization, storage expansion, database upgrading, etc.  Please contact our engineer service team for further details.



        Due to ProYon’s years of field networking experience, most of our senior engineers are also good trainers.  They are able to share their experience; train others to be familiar to operate the IT devices; guide others to acquire network relates certificate.



        Aside from selling devices and solutions, ProYon also does renting, devices include firewall, server, printer, storage, computer peripherals.  Renting can reduce the operation cost, and less cost if wanting to upgrade to the newest device.   Note that engineering support service is additional, not include in renting service.


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