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        ProYon established in 2001, has decades of experience in networking field.  As information technology expands in nowadays world, IT service has been more and more valued by users.  However, this expansion also creates the growth of issues and IT relates problems.  Leave the IT issues to professional IT service company is cooperates best choice so that it can focus on its rapid development of its own business.


        Warranty Contents 



        After engineers on call receive receives network or system failure reporting, s/he would analysis and troubleshoot remotely.  For Silver or above customers, they would be our prioritized customer to allocate the service resources (engineers, spare parts, etc) in order to respond in a timely manner.


        1.Phone Support

        Receive service request, response via phone in timing matter (depending on the level of warranty service signed), analysis, diagnosis and troubleshoot  the problem to help our customers to provide solutions to problems and guide customers to get it resolved.

        24 Hr Service Hotline: 18918900057, 18918900039. Provide fire support to the users around the clock.


        2.Remote Access

        For failures cannot be solved by telephone support, after customer’s consent, engineer in charge would collect data through remote terminal, then fault could be  analyzed, and finally propose a solution to guide customers to implement.  If necessary, can assist to operate remotely.



        On Site technical support can quickly solve a more relatively complex issue, and is one of the most commonly used practice.  From our many years of experience, it’s concluded that one simple SOP cannot fit all diverse needs, especially when multiple industries are involved.  Higher more adaptive service engineering team is usually required to troubleshoot.


        1.On-site Troubleshoot

        After receiving trouble report via phone, engineer in charge would analyze the issue described and come out with a quick solution providing to the on-site engineer in order to resolve the issue in a timely manner for cooperate can resume operation.  An “Emergency troubleshoot report”, approved by senior service engineer leader, would be provide to customer detail explaining the cause, the solution, and how to prevent in future.  This would help cooperates IT personnel to understand and would assist in preventing similar faults from happening in future.


        2.Periodically Inspection

        According to level of service, a dedicated engineer would be assigned to do on-site inspection regularly.  The inspection including diagnosing network service performance, collecting and analyzing network usage, providing suggestions for debugging, security, and/or enhance network usage, to ensure it meets what cooperate needs.  Each time would provide an “Inspection Report” to customer.


        3.Critical Moment On-site Support

        According to the user's special occasions and time, ProYon adhere the "advance planning, site support" principle, so before, during and after the critical moment, we would have on-site engineer support to assist in security and stability.


        4.Engineer base On-Site

        For high demand IT industry, we provide engineer base on-site service.

        IT plays an ever growing essential part to the cooperate, involving variety of technical specific knowledge throughout different products and brands.  To hire just one or a team of engineer is not cost efficient, nor the professional from this engineer or team of engineers may not meet cooperate’s actual needs.  Hence, to contract engineers and have them base on-site would be much more cost effective and easier to maintain the multi-complex network system.


        Active Support

        To configure business data, inspect contents, analyze system, ProYon sercie team can provide solution to the above and others like security risks.  In addition, industry news, technology case be sent to the user regularly.


        1.Expert advice

        Our expert has years of field experience, they can provide “IT construction plan” to customer and be the consultant over the planning and building the network system.


        2.Knowledge sharing

        ProYon provides large number of technical reports, such as user manuals, configuration guides, product specs, and maintain experience summary.    Please refer to our official website to subscribe at www.bookinguz.com.


        Hardware Support

        After receiving trouble report, engineer would respond according to level of warranty, sometimes, with hardware parts to ensure customers can resume normal operation as soon as possible.


        1.Part Swap

        This is the fastest way to resume operation.  Doesn’t matter what the issue is, responding engineer would bring the identical or equivalent parts or devices and swap at scene, to ensure customer can resume normal operation first.  After the faulty device or parts is repaired, then would swap back to the original device or parts.


        2.Device Repair

        Manufacture usually only offer one year of warranty repair, ProYon can offer more.  In additional, ProYon can assist user in applying for device repair.


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