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         ProYon has a skilled and experienced maintenance team, using the "AME service" model to manage and control the maintenance process and cost, storage circuit maintenance until the return to the user, 27 protocols were implemented during.  When the equipment exceeds manufacturer’s warranty, expensive service prices are often applied; when the equipment is no longer produced, there is no way for further repairing.  As a result of such, ProYon offers a competitive price, high quality repairing service. 


        Repairing scope

        ProYon’s Repairing BU was first established to co-work with ISP such as China Telecom and Unicom five years ago.  Nowadays, ProYon’s Repairing BU is mainly focus on products list below:

        Transmission: Nortel, Newbrdige, RAD, ECI, Alcatel-Lucent, ZyXel, ZTE, Motorola, Bayle, Behringer, etc

        Repair of products: SDH series, DWDN series, ATM series, DDN series, DATA series, such as fiber optic transceivers

        Enterprise: Ericsson / Panasonic, Paul, NEC, map, TANDBERG, Sony, Polycom, Nortel, Huawei

        Repair: the program-controlled switches, video conferencing equipment, high-end routing, switches, control equipment etc.



        In order to repair, parts is required.  There are over ten million worth of stock in ProYon, depending on product type, dividing and store in both Beijing and Shanghai warehouse.   Parts include




        Repair Environment

        All repairing is done in a 3000-metere squared based IDC, with Telecommunication standard.  Test Environment   Test Environment include: ATM frame, SDH, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel series.  Testing instrument: workshop equipped with optical test instruments (155M, 2.5G, 10G), low table (2m instrument), oscilloscope, multimeter, signal simulation system.  All in all, best of the best.




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