Hotel Old Khiva

Old Khiva  3 stars hotel

The Old Khiva is a new hotel right at the gate of the Itchan-Qala fortress. The Hotel is well-situated at one of the starting points for sightseeing excursion around Khiva and what is more it has a convenient access road.

The Old Khiva Hotel will suit the taste of those who prefer classics in room decoration. Each room comes with winter-summer air-conditioner, TV set, shower booth and other necessary

In the hotel there are 21 rooms, including the rooms for non-smokers

Hotel Kosh Darvoza in Khiva

Hotel Qosh Darvoza   Hotel 3 star

Qosh Darvoza hotel is located in the historical building, at entry into the old city and is called in honor of historical gate of Qosh Darvoza.
The hotel has 9 rooms.

In each room there is: the AC winter-summer, the TV with satellite channels, high-speed WI-FI free (in all rooms), mini bar. Rooms are sound isolated. Cold and hot water constantly. In a bathroom there is a hair dryer.

35, K. Devoniy str., 22090, Khiva, Khorezm, Uzbekistan

Hotel Malika Khorezm in Khiva

Malika Khorezm  Hotel 3 stars

Hotel Malika Khorezm in Khiva newly built private hotel represents the finest Uzbek woodcrafts. The dècor of Malika Khorezm Hotel is classic and cozy. The authentic Uzbek and European cuisine is unforgettable.

The large entry lobby in the Hotel Malika Khorezm Khiva is spacious and light. In the cozy restaurant you will be served delicious authentic Khorezmian food such as Gumma, Pilav and many other courses! In fact, as in Khorezm tradition, the courses are endless.

In the hotel there are 32 rooms

Hotel Aminkhan Khiva

Aminkhan Khiva  3 stars hotel hotel

Aminkhan Khiva Hotel (or Hotel Madrassah Aminkhan) was named after one of the most famous rulers of the ancient city of Khiva, who did a lot for his city. From the windows of the hotel there is a unique view on the fortified walls of Ichan-Kala. The hotel features clean and large rooms. All furniture and furnishings in the hotel Madrassah Aminkhan are new. In the rooms there is satellite TV, air conditioning.

In the hotel there are 20 rooms, including 15 standard rooms, 3 triple rooms and 2 luxe. 

Гостиница Малика Хива

Malika Khiva malika khiva three starts hotel

A hundred meters from magnificent walls of the ancient Ichan-Kala fortress with the Kalta-Minor minaret dominating over it, there is a small hotel – the Malika Khiva. Built in 2004, the hotel resembles a madrasah by its outlines. Inside, the guests find themselves in a spacious hall surrounded with two-storey corridors with rooms. 

The hall is decorated with various suzanés, embroideries, carpets, dolls, mannequins dressed in Khorezm national costumes and even an arba (bullock cart), which make you feel that you are in a merchant shop, located on the Great Silk Road, rather than in a hotel. The oriental idyll is only interfered by chessmen with a chessboard drawn right in the center of the hall. 

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