Uzbekistan of many faces, 16 days

We offer this tour for those who want to see a lot in Uzbekistan. We gave the name to this tour “Uzbekistan of many faces” and it will enable you to see Uzbekistan in its diversity, to plunge into the sea of the new feelings and experience.

The experienced guides will tell you interesting and charming stories about the ancient towns – Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and Shahrisabz. You will travel by comfortable transport (car/bus/train). The tour program provides for the leisure time when you can walk independently along the old streets of Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva. The city tours include also the meetings with the interesting masters, artists and photographers of Uzbekistan. In the desert you can listen to the stillness of the night. There you’ll come to be in the environment of the ancient nomads of the Asia: you will stay in jurt, ride the camels and swim in the desert lake.

For those who likes the mountaintops this program offers the rest in the mountains of the Western Tien Shan. In Chimgan you will accommodate in the modern and comfortable hotel. You will enjoy the alpine air and walk in the mountains with the experienced instructor.

Manysights of Uzbekistan

Description of the tour

Places to visit: 

Arrival in Urgench – Khiva – Bukhara – Nurata with the holy spring – overnight stay in Kyzyl Kum desert – petroglyphs in Sarmysh – blue domes in Samarkand – Shahrisabz – Tashkent – Chimgan mountains – Fergana valley – Departure from Tashkent.

Arrival from Moscow/Saint Petersburg in Urgench.

Departure from Tashkent for Moscow/Saint Petersburg. It is also possible to change and make the departure from Fergana.

The duration of the tour: 16 days/15 nights

Tour program

Day 1. Sunday. Moscow , Urgench. Urgench-Khiva (35 km.)
At 19:45 arrival in Urgench by flignt HY 616 (Moscow -Urgench). You can come from Saint Petersburg also. Transfer to Khiva (35 km). Accommodation in the hotel. Overnight stay in Khiva.
Day 2. Monday. Khiva. City tour. Overnight stay in Khiva.
Day 3. Tuesday. Khiva - Bukhara (450 km.) Transfer to Bukhara via Kyzyl Kum desert. On the way you will stop for shooting, walk and tour in the desert. Arrival in Bukhara (approx. at 18:00). Accommodation in the hotel. Overnight stay in Bukhara.
Day 4. Wednesday. Bukhara. City tour. Overnight stay in Bukhara
Day 5. Thursday. Bukhara. Continuation of the city tour. Trip to the country. Leisure time. Overnight stay in Bukhara.
Day 6. Friday. Bukhara - Nurata - desert (240+70 km). Transfer to the desert. On the way you will visit the ceramic workshop in Gizhduvan. Arrival in Nurata. Visiting the holy spring Chashma: mosque, rests of the fortress of Alexander the Great's times, tour of kyarizes - ancient irrigation system. The further trip to the desert. Overnight stay in jurt.
Day 7. Saturday. Desert - Sarmyshsay - Samarkand (320 km). Swimming in the desert lake. Trip to the hole Sarmysh. Visiting the petroglyphs of Bronze Age. Transfer to Samarkand. Accommodation in the hotel. Overnight stay in Samarkand.
Day 8. Sunday. Samarkand. City tour. Also visiting the art-show "Aisha" and winery with the wine sampling.
Day 9. Monday. Samarkand-Shahrisabz-Samarkand (140+140 km.). Trip to Shahrisabz. City tour. Return to Samarkand. Lunch in the mountains or in Shahrisabz. Arrival in Samarkand. Overnight stay in Samarkand.
Day 10. Tuesday. Samarkand-Chimgan (400 km) . Transfer to Chimgan (Western Tien Shan), hight of the mountain 1,400 km and more. Arrival in Chimgan. Visiting the cable road. Walks in the mountain. Accommodation in the hotel. Overnight stay in Chimgan.
Day 11. Wednesday. Chimgan. Rest in the mountain. Trip to Brichmulla. Optional: rest on the beach oа Charvak reservoir, ascent of the point, descent by walk from the Beldersay cable road (appr. 1,5 hours), visiting Chatkal-Ugam national park. Overnight stay in Chimgan.
Day 12. Thursday. Chimgan - Fergana (480 km). Transfer to Fergana valley via Kamchik pass (2,225 m.). Arrival in Fergana. Accommodation in the hotel. Overnight stay in Fergana.
Day 13. Friday. Fergana - Margilan - Rishtan - Andijan - Fergana (280 km). Tour of Fergana valley. Visiting the silk-weaving mill in Margilan, ceramic workshops in Rishtan. Trip to Andijan - visiting the huge bazaar and Bobur museum-garden. Overnight stay in Fergana.
Day 14. Saturday. Fergana - Kokand - Tashkent (400 km). Transfer to Tashkent. On the way you will visit Kokand - the Muslim center of Fergana valley. You'll see the palace of Khudoyar-Khan, the madrasah Nurbutabi, the cementy of the Khans. Arrival in Tashkent, accommodation in the hotel. Overnight stay in Tashkent.
Day 15. Sunday. Tashkent. City tour. Overnight stay in Tashkent.
Day 16. Monday. Tashkent - Moscow. Transfer to airport. At 07:15 departure for Moscow by flyght HY 603.
The main street in Samarkand. Beg. of XX cent.

The tour price

The price depends on the quantity of the people and the terms of the tour. The minimum price of the tour (per person) will be :

2 people - $1,635.00
3 people - $1,440.00
4 people - $1,410.00
5 people - $1,360.00
6-10 people - $1,310.00
It is the approximate price for this tour which can vary with your interests and preferences. So it can be less or more.

The standard tour price INCLUDES:

  • 2-3* hotel accommodation (with breakfasts)
  • 1 night in jurt camp (supper included)
  • Admission tickets to the monuments according to the program
  • Guides in the towns
  • Transfers airport/hotel/airport
  • Transport during the whole itinerary
  • Mineral water during transfers to the towns

The standard tour price DOESN'T INCLUDE:

  • International airtickets/railway tickets
  • Food (except breakfasts)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Other expenses (international calls, Internet, tips )
  • Insurance


For 1 - 2 people will be Lacetti or Nexia Chevrolett. For 3 - 8 people minibus Hunday Starex or Istana Ssang Young. During the trips to the mountains - Samarkand-Shahrisabz -Samarkand, Chimgan - Fergana - Tashkent - there will be cars for 3 pax per car.

City tour in Khiva

Excursion in Tashkent

About Uzbekistan

City tour in Bukhara


City tour in Samarkand


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