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Navruz celebration in UzbekistanIts origins holiday Navruz goes into the depth of centuries of ancient Iranian peoples. The word "Navruz" is indicated in the sources as the ancient Iranian new year holiday and as a celebration of spring. Today it is celebrated March 20 and 21 in all Muslim countries. On May 10, 2010 Navruz was voted by the 26th General Assembly of the United Nations as an international holiday. According to the resolution of the General Assembly "Navruz is a celebration of spring", which is celebrated by more than 300 million people for more than 3000 years in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula in the Black sea region, the Caucasus, Central Asia and in the Middle East. On September 30, 2009 Navruz was adopted by UNESCO in the list of masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.


Holidays of Uzbekistan - Navruz

The Muslim holiday of Navruz, the day of vernal equinox, has been celebrated for more than three thousand years, but the origins of this holiday go far in Zoroastrism. The legend says that on this day Zoroaster was chosen by God to bring happiness to people. According to the teachings of the Holy book of Zoroastrianism, the Avesta, Navruz is connected with king Jamshid, on whom on this day, according to legend, fell the rays of the sun. The doctrine of the Avesta asserts that every spring people have to note the emergence of life in six types - water, earth, sky, animals, plants and people. In the Middle Ages Navruz lasted 13 days. New Year was celebrated in the field at the end of the celebrations. Who came out to enjoy nature in the field will be throughout the year happy and prosperous. The inhabitants of Mesopotamia were celebrating Navruz in the "Temple of fire".

The celebration of Navruz Navruz Navruz Navruz

Today it is widely distributed customary to kindle bonfires during the celebration of Navruz. However, according to Muslim traditions, the happiness and prosperity will be given to those who keep the commandments of God and reject the forbidden. Muslim New Year does not provide for any celebrations. Over time, Navruz was a Muslim holiday. Today, this feast is called the "Navruz", which translated from the Persian means "new day". This day is the New Year for Muslims around the world. It is celebrated on 21 March, about a week and a holiday is very colorful. In the villages it is celebrated simultaneously with the festival of sowing (erga urug kadash). The villagers symbolic harnessed two oxen and plow the land. Then the child goes barefoot on the plowed earth and scatters grain. From this day it is considered that you can start to sow corn and to plant trees.


Sumalak cooking

   Preparation begins forty days before the feast. Sumalak. Only on Navruz people сook a special dish - sumalak. They put the wheat on trays and water every day, so it sprouted. On the feast the wheat is milled, filtered and is cook almost daily in the cauldron, stirring constantly and adding the flour. Women prepare the sumalak and during cooking they sing and dance. And to avoid the dish to be burnt, they throw some walnuts in the shells and pebbles in the cauldron. When the sumalak is ready it becomes sweet, although it does not add a single gram of sugar. And nuts and pebbles they give to children for happiness.

In addition sumalak people prepare also chalisa. The meat is cooked also in the cauldron all night until it turns into mush. On the table must be wheat germ, halva, bichak (pies) with spinach, somsa, raisins, dried apricots and more. According to tradition, first, people congratulate the parents, then family, and then go to the neighborhood teahouse and congratulate neighbors. In this day you should forget all the wrongs and ask forgiveness from those whom they have offended. There is also held Kupkari – goat tearing. This is similar to Polo, but instead of the ball there is a carcass of a goat, no clubs, play not aristocrats but ordinary people, the inhabitants of the villages. The winners will receive valuable prizes, among which can be the carpets, TV sets, radio sets, cars and just cash prizes.

Navruz is celebrated in every corner of Uzbekistan and is the official day off. On Navruz you can see all the splendor of the holiday atmosphere, costumes and bright colors, abundance of smiles and joy. That is all that there is in this spring holiday, and what was by the peoples of Central Asia a thousand years ago, so now it is celebrated: with fun, feast and festivities. A real celebration of spring - live it with us

Bukhara rites. Navruz (New Year)

Navruz is one of the oldest holidays celebrated by the peoples of Central Asia. It throws back, long before the advent of Islam. This is a celebration of spring, renewal of wildlife, when all around "wakes up", coming to life, giving people joy and hope for the best and worthy life. In different regions it is celebrated in different ways: both duration and scenario. We, with you, will again return to Bukhara region. From ancient texts and various sources it is known that in Bukhara region there was widely celebrated holiday "Gul-i-surkh (“red flower”). It is an ancient holiday that is associated with spring and traditional folk festivals, when the people with whole family were going into the country and on the specially designated sites had improvised tents, indulging in the fun and dances.

People celebrate holiday Navruz on March 21 - the day of vernal equinox. And it is not a coincidence. As you know, in ancient times people were of great importance to astrology and astronomy, which were inextricably linked. It was prestigious to own the tellers and astrologers at the various palaces of the sultans, khans and padishahs, who could predict the position of the heavenly bodies and their relationship with planned activities. They gave advices to the rulers - whether to start one or another undertaking, how successful would be a military campaign, and so on and so forth. On their final words often depended the fate of one or other important public decisions. However, the responsibility on their shoulders lay more incomparable than at present advisers to Presidents. These, latters, in case of a wrong steer in the worst case they come out of it not a penny the worse, while the first paid, sometimes, the much higher price, paying with theirs life. It is also known that different ethnic groups inhabiting the territory of the ancient world had their calendars and chronology. On the calendar passing on the territory of modern Central Asia, long before Alexander the Great, "New Year" began on March 21 and was associated with the solar cycle.

Well, now we’ll try to describe a typical celebration of the "New year" in the usual Bukhara family. Unlike the Christmas festivities by other peoples here don't wait until late in the evening, kneading "mountains" cans "Olivier" and "herring under a fur coat" by cooling in parallel in morozilnik thousand tons of gallons of alcohol. Here do not expect traditional President's speech that thrilling voice sums up the past year. Not here, at last, the solemn midnight, and so forth.

How to arrange the tour?

If you are going to attend the celebration of Navruz in Uzbekistan, it would be better if you take care about this trip in advance, at least in January. Selection of hotels in Uzbekistan is not so great, and proven, good hotels about which have heard many tourists, can already be pre-booked either by experienced travellers or by big travel companies for group arrivals. Air tickets should be bought in advance, but only after you accurately plan your route through Uzbekistan. It is possible significant difference in price due to the fact, into/out of what city in Uzbekistan you will be able to fly, as you can save on travel within the country. You please also decide what you would like to see and in what order? To do this, discuss the future tour with us by writing about your preferences. And our managers will offer you a number of tour options. When you have a tour plan and know the route, then you should think about purchasing of air tickets. Other strokes as detailed tour program, time, stops along the way, visiting places in the cities and on the road we will be able to discuss with you even after the purchase of tickets.

We would like to note that you can read about our tours and choose the one that you prefer, and we will remake it according to your wishes and possibilities and according to the date of Navruz celebration in our country.

How much does Navruz tour cost?

Average tour on Navruz is not more expensive than other tours to Uzbekistan. When calculating the cost of the tour we assume the cost of accommodation in the hotel (price depending on the hotel category), the cost of the guide service (in the city or accompanied), transport services (every day, in part, by or without train, local flights). The week-long tour for one person can cost around US$ 600.00 -700.00. The price may be higher if it includes a guide accompanied and/or local flights in the country. The price may be lower (up to US$ 500.00), if you arrive in Uzbekistan with friends - at least 5-6 people.

What do you need for booking a tour?

For booking a tour, it will be enough your desires and confirmation with the purchased tickets. You should write us for confirmation of your itinerary, tour duration and cost, then you can buy tickets, and we’ll provide you with a detailed itinerary of the tour and start to make reservations.

What weather will be in the second half of March in Uzbekistan?

If you take the Central part of Uzbekistan (e.g. Samarkand), the average temperature in Uzbekistan will be +13...+15 degrees in the daytime and ...+ 4 C at night, rain is possible, and sometimes in some areas it may snow.

What things to bring on a trip?

You must consider the changeable climate in Uzbekistan in March. So you should bring a jacket, sweater, waterproof boots and tight-fitting shoes, if you will walk in the mountains. Be sure to take a hat, because there are strong cold wind, and the umbrella on the rain.

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